Gudjuda Rangers

Gudjuda Rangers is an indigenous Land & Sea Ranger Program based in Home Hill in North Queensland. The rangers at Gudjuda care for land and sea, with accomplishments including, control of pests and weeds, including rubbervine and feral pigs rubbervine, biodiversity surveys on protected species and habitats, turtle monitoring, tagging, tracking and protection work with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and James Cook University, ongoing seagrass monitoring, recording and maintenance of cultural heritage sites, biannual riverine clean-ups at Plantation, Ocean and Barratta Creeks and regular beach clean ups in conjunction with local schools and GBRMPA along with other key projects. Our 6.2 metre Bow Door Cat is perfectly suited to their requirements.
Built to AMSA 2C survey, our new Bow Door Cat complies fully with all the new rules. This model has greater carrying capacity yet is still just inside the maximum 2.5 metre towing width. It now planes earlier and carries more load without complaints. The new Bow Door Cat can be stretched and formed to suit your task requirements and can have side or centre console or centre cab if you prefer. The 6.2m unit pictured was powered by twin Mercury four strokes giving a top speed lightship of 39 knots. Click here to read more about our range of commercial barges and RIBS