Aztech Aluminium Trailers

“The way a trailer should be made”

Swift Marine manufactures custom built AZTECH aluminium trailers at our factory on the Gold Coast. All of our trailers are of a high strength design and construction to ensure safety and durability of the highest caliber.

The use of high quality Aluminium in the construction of both the chassis and other frame work of the trailers produces a light, stable trailer that tows effortlessly for its size and is resistant to corrosion.
Each trailer is based on a standard design and modified if requested to suit your requirements.

Swift Marine can design and manufacture an Aluminium trailer to fit any purpose. Call our Capable sales team to enquire about our Custom Built Trailers.

Aztech Utility Trailers

The above boat/utility trailers are made for S.E.S. and have either tread plate or expanded mesh decks to carry other goods when the boat has been deployed. Note that they have torsion bar suspension.

Aztech Box Trailers

  • All Aluminium Construction.
  • Leaf spring torsion bar or air suspension.
  • Braked or unbraked.
  • Built in ramps option.
  • Full custom design.
  • Any size.

Aztech Aluminium Boat Trailers

Aztech Aluminium Boat Trailers were developed to cater for the demanding task of trailering police boats around the state of Queensland. They were designed and built by Swift Marine, the biggest supplier of Aluminium Hulled RIBs to the Queensland Water Police.

They are also supplied for:

  • Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol.
  • Queensland SES.
  • Marine Parks.
  • Victoria Marine Parks.
  • Tasmania Police.
  • NT SES.
  • NSW Marine Parks.
  • Councils etc etc.

Aztech Aluminium Boat Trailers are built by people who understand aluminium and have built quality police style vessels for over 25 years. These are trailers that are in use almost daily and many are towed at speed on rough unmade roads. They are tough.

  • Our Aluminium Boat Trailers have the following attributes.
  • Fully welded design with no adjustment points to loosen or corrode.
  • Custom built to suit your requirements.
  • Made first for strength, second for lightness.
  • Best launch and retrieve capability in the industry.
  • Industry leading towing performance with no rattle, bounce or sway.
  • All roller pins, bolts and fittings are stainless steel.
  • Torsion bar, coil spring or air independent suspension options.
  • Optional Stainless steel, or bronze brake systems.
  • Dissimilar metal protection strategy.
  • LED lights with soldered joints and quality tinned wire.
  • Large choice of wheels and tyres.

Large Boat Trailers

*note- No adjustments. Trailer is fully welded to suit the hull.

Up to 4.5 Tonne Cap

Small Boat Trailers

  • All welded aluminium construction.
  • Hydraulic, Electric, Override or Unbraked.
  • Leaf, Coil or Torsion bar suspension.
  • LED Waterproof lights.
  • Easy launch + load.
  • Self centering.
  • All roller pins stainless steel.

Aztech Utility Boat Trailers

Aztech boat/utility trailers can be made for any purpose. Single axle, dual axle, any suspension system, mesh or tread plate or open decks, front boxes, camper bodies, overhead racks, etc. The S.E.S + Police trailer shown have mesh decks, extendable draw bars, loading guides and self launching overhead racks just for starters.

Aztech Toy Haulers