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Australia's Premium Aluminium RIB Builder.

Swift Marine has been involved in the inflatable boat industry for over 25 years and now have a range of over 50 boats. We are, however, still a custom builder even though we build a large number of standard models. Our products are...

Highfield inflatables have evolved from over 25 years of development in some of the toughest conditions in the world. As direct descendants of the aluminium hulled Australian Swift range of commercial RIB's, They are tough, reliable and thoroughly tested, fast becoming one of the worlds top trends.

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Swift is our premium range comprising of aluminium hulled RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) with Orca Hypalon tubes. They begin at 2.4mtrs and extend to over 13mtrs. Most of Australia's Water Police and many other government agencies have a number of Swift RIBs in their enforcement fleets.

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The S.E.S in QLD + NT have contracted Swift Marine to build them a range of rugged flood rescue vessels. The State Emergency Service in Queensland has recently renewed our contract for flood barges to service the huge Queensland countryside. These boats are legendary among those who use them and have enviable record of rescues in difficult circumstances.

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Swift Marine manufactures custom AZTECH aluminium trailers at our factory on the Gold Coast. All of our trailers are of a high strength design and construction to ensure safety and durability of the highest caliber. The use of high quality Aluminium in the construction of both the chassis and other frame work of the trailers produces a light, stable trailer that tows effortlessly for its size and is resistant to corrosion. Each trailer is based on a standard design and modified if requested to suit your requirements. Swift Marine can design and manufacture an Aluminium trailer to fit any purpose. Call our capable sales team to enquire about our Custom Built Trailers.

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