Ideal for getting to and from shore or exploring the magnificent coasts of our water ways. The weight of the Ultralite makes them a perfect alternative for those who may have previously owned a soft bottom tender but would prefer the sophistication, performance, and stability of an aluminium hull. Ultralite tenders are roomy and strong, yet light and easy to transport. The Ultralites can be launched and recovered by a single person. The Ultralite hull is built from 2.5mm thick marine grade aluminium, double chromated and coated in dulux powder coating. The tubes are made from 1100 Decitex Orca® Hypalon. cut and assembled to exacting standards.  These Australian made inflatables are built to last and they outclass the imports in every way, particularly durability.

Ultralite 2.4

Ultralite 2.6

Ultralite 2.9

Ultralite 3.1

Ultralite 3.4