Many Rigid Inflatables work very hard and after a certain time may need the tube replaced. Some brands are constructed with poor quality materials and others have just plain worn out. If the hull still has a reasonable service life it is usually feasible to fit a new tube which can double or even triple the usable life of the vessel.

There are two common types of tube. The most popular due to it’s low cost is the PVC tube. The other type is the Hypalon tube which will typically outlive the PVC tube by double or even more.

Swift Marine can construct a new PVC tube for you but will only do so using quality German Mehler PVC coated fabrics. These fabrics are the best available PVC coated fabrics and will resist abrasion and UV for considerably longer than almost all others. When constructing a tube from PVC it is far better to have welded seams as its far more durable.

Swift Marine also constructs tubes from the best quality ORCA Hypalon material. We have been using this fabric for over 20 years and it has proven to be one of the most reliable on the market today. Hypalon fabrics are not welded but glued together using a very stable Neoprene based 2 pack contact adhesive.

Should you require a re-tube be carried out it is usually best to send the boat to us. We have a number of tubes in stock and can supply or fit these at short notice. Re-tubing can be more economical than purchasing a new boat depending on the size, style and material of the tube. Alternately you may wish to have a tube built and get it fitted by a local tradesman. In either case you can obtain a quotation by calling us on 07 5594 6266 or Enquire Here. Please ensure you know the size and type of boat and the number of air chambers in the tube.