Barges & Utility Boats

Swift Marine specialise in survey or civillian light barge design and construction. Building either mono or cat hulls, in a variety of configurations, your specific work requirements are well and truly catered for when you choose a Swift Barge.

Swift Bow Door Cat

Built to AMSA 2C survey, Swifts new Bow Door Cat complies fully with all the new rules. This model has greater carrying capacity yet is still just inside the maximum 2.5 meter towing width. It now planes earlier and carries more load without complaints. The new Swift Bow Door Cat can be stretched and formed to suit your task requirements and can have side or centre console or centre cab if you prefer. The 6.2m unit pictured was powered by twin Mercury four strokes giving a top speed lightship of 39 knots.

6.2m Swift Ramp Door Barge

This utility barge can be seen regularly clearing out the Gold Coast waterways for the local council. The barge pictured is 6.2mtrs but they can be built to almost any length. Again it can have one or two engines and pretty much any internal configuration can be accommodated. The natural aluminium finish is great for a boat like this and the clear finish is very easily recoated even with a brush. This boat has a huge load capacity and incredible stability lending it to a huge range of uses.

6.1m Swift Cat Barge

The Brisbane City Council commissioned Swift Marine to construct their 6.2m cat hulled barge for work in the river and out into the bay. She handles the chop and waves well with a soft dry ride and scoots along at a useful 30kts with the twin 70s as shown. A great load carrier it hardly noticed the 500kg quad bike and 5 persons and again can be configured as you require. Off shore variants as well as larger models are available as are cabin versions of all boats shown this page. Give Swift Marine a call and let them design a barge or RIB for you.

5.9m Swift Barge

The new 5.9m Swift barge has had a multitude of changes over the past year. The hull now extends right to the transom at full width (as does the 5.3m) and the extra buoyancy and planing area is quite noticeable. Twin engine versions of this boat, (shown below) do not notice the extra motor weight and bigger single engines work very well indeed.

The 5.9 can easily carry up to ten persons legally and lots of load as well. The new boats are all fitted with hydraulic steering, GPS sounders, new protected battery storage and twin 30 litre fuel tanks. These boats can also be produced with a bow ramp door if required and as usual with Swift product can be custom built to suit the clients requirements.

5.3 Swift Barge

The 5.3m Swift utility boat is the 2nd smallest vessel built by swift marine for SES QLD & NT. Usually fitted with a 90hp outboard it can handle most flood conditions with ease. This boat has fully foamed flotation cells to exceed compliance for positive flotation, a shallow V hull for great turning ability and shallow water work and lots of extra protection strips to help keep the boat safe from damage. New battery configuration and fuel tank location improve on the older models and simple things like a flat nose at the bow make them harder to damage. The latest version has a higher floor and sides to meet new AMSA standards. It has two side doors and the bows are curved in slightly to make retrieving the boat a little easier in tough conditions

4.6 Swift Utility Boat

Swifts newest utility boat is only 4.6m long but manages to pack in almost all the features of the bigger boat without the bulk. Again, it is foam filled for positive buoyancy and is heavily constructed to handle everything you can throw at it. Featuring a side door, seating storage and even an aluminium trailer to make this a very complete package that can still be towed by a medium size car.