Swift Marine Online Store – Azbond tube repair glue 

We offer a range of spare parts for your RIB, trailer and davits on our online store. As Scott outlines in the tube repair videos Azbond is the best glue to ensure you’re repairs last, and Azbond is available for purchase from our store.

Azbond Hardeners are specifically formulated for use with the different types of adhesives. Azbond RFE Hardener is used with Azbond R, for Hypalon and other synthetic rubbers. Alternately, Azbond RC Hardener is used with Azbond C, these hardeners can be bought separately in cans of 750ml (Azbond RFE) or 800ml (Azbond RC) or in decanted sized bottles to suit the glue quantity purchased. Adhesives purchased in kit form already include the correct quantity of hardener for ease of use. Swift Marine also offers solvents and other preparatory agents to assist in manufacture and repair.  Learn about Azbond tube glue repair here.